Vehicle Routing is the process of solving highly complex problems involving one or many vehicles given real-world constraints in order to find the most efficient path through a set of roads.

Birds-eye image of cars on a road in a city

In essence, vehicle routing is solved by an algorithm which accepts vehicles, locations that need to be visited, and other factors such as time windows, size of the vehicles and goods, traffic, driver break times, and many more business contraints.

A powerful vehicle routing engine will be able to take into account not only physical limitations including size of the truck or car, but the speed of vehicle on a highway or service road, the time when a customer will be home, or traffic in a given area a particular time.

The alorithm which solves this Vehicle Routing Problem, or VRP, is fed this data. Over hundreds or thousands of iterations are run trying to find the best routes, eventually submitting a solution.

With the solution in hand, we can display and act on the routes via Optimule allowing fleet managers and drivers to make better decisions.