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We only deliver a dozen packages a day. Won’t routing software get in the way?

This is a very common concern from small delivery operations that I hear.

And my answer is always:

If you deliver 2 or more packages a day in a route, routing optimization software can save you crucial time and money when dealing with where to go and in which order.

A recent study of a small enterprise delivering food products to stores and cafés, found that the amount of time spent driving was reduced by more than 20%. To add to that, the delivery company was able to inform the merchants what time they would be there so they could expect their delivery and keep the door open.

The ability to optimize a route can save you hours on a route and make it so you dont have to think about which location to visit next.

When you optimize routes with, your routes will be just as good as the big guys, and your customers will thank you for it.